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Japanese Farmers Plant Rice In An Unusual Pattern To Create Insane Murals

There is a small village in Japan, Inakadate, located approximately 600 km north of Tokyo, that invented the practice of rice paddy art whereby 4 different strains of rice are planted in a pattern so that they form a picture once the rice matures. These unusually, huge paintings of rice seedlings are created for the past 20 years, ranging from traditional Japanese folklore and historical figures, to anime characters and J-pop culture. With this tradition, local authorities are trying to attract tourists to the area. This original art form has no analogues in the world!

The farmers create a paddy art mural by using little purple and yellow-leafed Kodaimai rice along with their local green-leafed Tsugaru. Once the rice grows, you can see the pattern and remains so until the harvest at the end of September. After this, the field again becomes blank in anticipation of the next masterpiece. Every summer, a quarter million tourists board trains for sightseeing trips to the rice art festival.



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