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5 brilliant inventions who use wheelchair

1|Kenguru Car
Kenguru is a 100% electrically powered single driver vehicle with no seats, designed for people who use wheelchairs, and can accommodate the wheelchair without the need for the user to change seats.

2|Roll-A-Ramp Wheelchair Ramp
Use this lightweight wheelchair ramp to create entry ramps to homes, vehicles or trailers, then roll it up and put it away when you’re done.

3|Scalevo wheelchair Can Climb Stairs
The electrically powered Scalevo wheelchair balances on two wheels while driving on even ground. With a touch of a button,  a set of tank-like tracks drop down to assist climbing.

4|Doormatic Automatic Door Opener
Doormatic Automatic Door Opener is a revolutionary door opener which automatically opens and closes internal doors.

5|Adaptive Clothing
Fashion designer, Izzy Camilleri started a stylish clothing range for both men and women who use wheelchairs.


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