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10 Best Gaming Laptops Reviews

Enter the arena with these lightweight, portable gaming PC, that easily plays your games.

1.Dell Inspiron Touchscreen Laptop
With 6th Gen Intel i7 Quad-Core processors, you’ll have all the power you need to enjoy both gaming and entertainment. Dell powerhouse gives you high frame-per-second rates in games and accelerates video editing and transcoding.

2.ASUS VivoBook Gaming Laptop
ASUS VivoBook delivers flawless visuals — perfect for watching movies, creating 4K UHD content, or gaming on the go. It has all the power to tackle even the most graphics-intensive tasks with ease.

3.Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop Computer
The Legion Y520 comes with next generation graphics, which allow you to play games smoothly and with capable frame rates. Easily customize your settings, such as audio, active keys, cooling, and network priority – so you can focus on the game.

4.Lenovo Ideapad

Watch your games pop in high res, kick back and enjoy a movie, or simply video chat. The Ideapad offers the visuals and sound you’re looking forand taking 3D gaming to the next level.

5.Acer Predator Helios
Your gaming laptop’s style should match your own – with a look that says, ‘Start the match. I’m ready’.Inside dual fans keep the components cool and the hardware at their optimum performance providing a smooth gaming experience.

6.MSI Performance Gaming Laptop
With the innovative Cooler Boost 4 cooling solution and MSI’s exclusive gaming features catered for gamers, the Intel Core i5 releases great performance for an enjoyable gaming experience on the go.

7.Acer Aspire
In the case of the Aspire VX 15, looks can kill! This soon-to-be battlefield gaming icon utilizes a hard-edged futuristic design with sleek lines and angles—and an impressive, 15.6” Full HD Display—to put you in total command of all the action.

8.ASUS Chromebook Flip
The power-efficient Chromebook Flip is designed to last for up to 10 hours* on a single charge. Just open your C302 and get right to work or play without the wait. It boots up with a lightening fast time of 3.5 seconds.

9.CUK HP Pavilion
Get ready to unleash your inner content-creating, media-craving, game-crushing potential, because this Pavilion Laptop was built to handle everything you’ve got.

10.Acer Laptop Aspire
Blazing fast start-up and high-speed connectivity let you connect wirelessly, access files and download quickly, while powerful performance helps you multitask smoothly on this Acer laptop

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